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Just in case you have missed it, the Scottish Chess Tour is organising events again for the physical side of the game.

We start off with on April the 8th and 9th in Edinburgh with a blitz and then an Allegro followed up with the return of the Ayr Congress on 22nd to 24th.

Check the events calendar on the home page for details when the links to the entry pages will become live. 

Further events in Livingston and another in Ayr will also be available to enter soon.

We will continue with the online weekend events on the first weekend of the month as well, as long as the demand exists for it.

Hope to see you there.
Just in case you missed it, all the OTB events now open for entries. Please note that the venues have put restrictions on the number of people we can have in their rooms so the limit on entries will have to be strictly adhered to. I would suggest entering early to avoid disappointment.

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