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Scottish Online Chess Organisation (SOCO) Events
Hi all
We at the Scottish Online Chess Organisation  are organising an online Chess league for teams of four starting officially starting 1st October Entries are £12 per team . The basic rules are as follows
1.      Games will be run on the team format using the teams setup provided by
2.      There will be two games per player, one Black and one White, Each game will last 20 minutes plus 5 second increment.
3.      Games will be screened for fair play by Andy Howie and graded on the Chess Scotland system.
4.      The online league will be run based on the existent format  of the typical over the board chess league.
5.      In the case of a dispute , there will be an initial attempt to resolve between the teams by the SOCO  committee, Failing that an appeals committee shall be set up.
6.      Games will be played on the platform unless both teams wish to play in lichess, in which case special requirements would require to be setup by both participating teams.
7.      Games will be submitted for Chess Scotland Allegro grading
8.      It is envisaged at least one match is played each month, probably two matches per month, preferably during the week although weekend matches would be acceptable.
9.      Any teams wishing a practice run should contact me and I will arrange friendlies.
10.   If there is sufficient interest over the country then we will regionalise the leagues with a finals format. If not then will compile league based on playing strength
11.  Entries to be sent to Cheques ,when applicable , should be made out to Chess Scotland who will receive all monies
12.   The management system for the league will be the LMS system operated by the Scottish Online Chess Organisation
13.All players will be required to have a user account and join the SOCO club on Anyone joining the SOCO online club should contact myself ( using their username, actual name and email address. Anyone aged 21 or under should also supply their year or birth.
14. Anyone who has their account suspended for any reason should contact the committee immediately. If the suspension is a result of violating fairplay procedure, then all games played by themselves will have the results of their individual games marked as a loss.
Hi Guys
“The Scottish Online Chess Organisation are pleased to announce the launching of two online chess Events between now and the end of the current season . Both events will be graded in the Chess Scotland grading system, specifically the ALLEGRO grading system and are subject to the Chess Scotland Fair Play Policy.  Both events will be hosted on

The first event is the 2nd SNOCL event which will be run in the last Sunday in January , February and March 2022. Two rounds will be played each match day. Entry is £15 per team with a £2 discount for Chess Scotland member clubs Time controls will be 20 minutes + 5 second increments . The league tables and fixtures will again be hosted on SOCO’s LMS system. Each team will register a pool of players and will deploy teams of five during match days.

The 2nd event will be called the chess teams challenge will teams of four. The time controls will be 15 minutes + 5 seconds on a home and away format played on the same evening ( similar to the format of current League Over the Board events. Unlike the SNOCL, this event should ideally be played during the week (or weekends if both teams agree) . It is envisaged that this event should use the live teams format which would eliminate much of the admin currently incurred by the team captains for the SNOCL. Entrance fee for this event is £12 with a £2 discount for chess Scotland club members. We are hoping to start this event by the end of Novembrer. Apologies for the delay but we had to give other clubs a decent chance to resume and organise themselves

Guidance for team captains will be provided on request by Willie Hulme and myself.  Teams will be asked to provide PGN’s of the games played in order for them to be screened by Chess Scotland’s fair play system. (more on this later)

Entries to be sent to
Rules and T's and C's are on the previous posts. Comments are welsome here.
Update for the chess teams challenge (teams of 4 players) League and the 2nd SNOCL composition (teams of 5)will be announced for both events after closing date (December 31st) The SNOCL dates will be provisionally announced this weekend after consulting team captains as we wish to avoid any clashes with other team events. As with last year There will be a round in January , February and March. The chess teams challenge is more relaxed and is designed as a mid-week event with a "to be played by" date.

It is hoped to have a zoom meeting to explain the details of both event, any questions call me . I apologise for the delay in starting this. Generally clubs wanted to see how their own venues , members etc would pan out as well as general OTB chess.

Any queries contact me

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