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Malkovich Chess Game
Quote:The idea is two high ranked players play out a correspondence game in the thread posting a diagram and their next move but also, in spoiler tags, commentary on why they are doing that and some of their considerations regarding what they see as the upcoming variations in short we get to see the thought process of the player as they play it. Obviously the players don't read each others commentary.

This seems like a pretty cool idea! Is there the possibility of having spoiler tags on this forum?
I wouldn't know a spoiler tag from an oily old boiler rag, but I'd be happy to take on Clement in a trial game to see if anyone finds the idea interesting?!

andy burnett
I think this is a great idea, reminds me of those old master game tv programmes on BBC. (I think they're out there on the internet somewhere.

One of Clement's young students was talking to me on Thursday about something similar, with players talking through their thought process, before they make their moves. Coincidence? He was very enthusiastic about it and also very enthusiastic and complimentary about Clement's coaching.

I have two questions. Why is it called a Malkovich Chess Game and who has the white pieces Clement or Andy?

I'd also like to see games of this type between those coaching our juniors or between the juniors themselves. Sreeves Students v Team Green v Calum's Crew v Any others coaching juniors, who want to promote their skills.
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It is important to have a good way of making the commentary invisible to the players, but easily accessible to anyone following the game.

I have no idea why it's called Malkovich, that was just what they called it where I saw the idea. If anyone has a better name then we can change it =)

To determine colours, any random generator is fine, e.g add up all the goals scored in the premiership tomorrow, if the number is odd one side has White, if even they get Black. You can get creative with this one!

I like David's idea of a match between teams of juniors; How about each member of the team gets to pick a move, and the coach must play one of them, as well as explaining the other moves which were voted for.

If anyone else wants to play Andy B, then I would play a 'junior' match against Andrew G or Calum M. If nobody else is interested then I guess I'll do both :\
Sounds like a very good concept.
I look forward to watching and learning from the sidelines.

Now where is young Mr McHarg or old Mr Howie?
Either of them might be able to help with these spolier tags then we can get the game on!
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Quote:If anyone else wants to play Andy B, then I would play a 'junior' match against Andrew G or Calum M. If nobody else is interested then I guess I'll do both

If there are any other old fogeys (like me) out there, I guess I could play them instead Sad 43 and past my useful-by date, how depressing!
This would be a great idea. If technology allows this it would be good to add in Adam Bremner or Neil Berry's "team" and maybe we could have a semi-final and a final. The Master Game was such a good programme!

That's not what I meant Andy!We can play a game to kick things off =)

Come to think of it I don't see any reason why players of any strength wouldn't be able to play this game, if you can get roughly evenly matched players. Maybe we could get a subsection of the forum.
Currently away from my office so using a portable device. Can post a more detailed response tomorrow but just a quickie just now. Think this is a great idea. Perhaps simply posting your commentary in the same colour as the forum post background would prevent it from being obviously spotted by the other player, with those wishing to read it highlighting it with their mouse which would make it visible. It might work quite well to begin with if the players are honest about it! Thoughts? Big Grin
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An example.
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