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Scottish National Online Chess League (SNOCL)
Scottish Online Chess Organisation

1. Would you like future events allegro graded by Chess Scotland?

2. Can you comment on the recently completed tournament?

3. Would you like to see more frequent online events?

4. We can run individual / team tournaments on a regular basis , would you or your club be interested in that?

5. We are considering running a regional chess league online , would you be interested in that format and if so would you prefer a weeknight (Monday or Thursday) or on a Sunday? What would your preference be , one game or two (white and Black against the same person) session?

6. Would you participate in a weekend online tournament, as a team or individual?

7. We will be running the SNOCL again next year, any comments or criticisms?

8. We set up the SNOCL this year using , are you happy with that or would you prefer LiChess as the platform provider? One of the reasons for using is that we can have inter team challenges and also set up a chess league using that platform integrated with the League Management System (LMS)

9. What time controls would you like to see used e.g 25+10 was SOCO, 5+2 for Blitz, 10+5 for weekly tournaments At the moment we are considering 10 +2, 20 + 10 for rapidplay and 5 + 2 but would be happy with other suggestions.

10. We are planning to run an individual Blitz tournament once per month , possibly on a Sunday would you be interested in that

11. Please add any comments or suggestions here

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