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Grandparents rule
Alex for clarification, I do not speak for Ayrshire or the Ayrshire Chess Association on the other thread I gave me own personal opinion from what I am aware. The Ayrshire Chess Association position could be very different. Watch this space... :U

Alex McFarlane Wrote:Whilst unsatisfactory a poor attendance merely means that Chess Scotland is doing nothing to attract major criticism.

Thats the first time I've heard apathy turned into a positive. You must be a glass half full kind of guy!

Speaking of quorums why is the Chess Scotland one 10 members? Thats less than 2% of the whole membership. Its not the number of Directors by any chance is it? =o
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
I'm not turning apathy into a positive. I believe it to be a statement of fact, nothing more or less.

If Chess Scotland played host to the World Championship and the Olympiad plus gained another 5 GMs I still wouldn't expect the numbers attending the AGM to increase (unless the money generated attracted people to stand for positions!)

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