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Online Chess Club for the disabled/technophobe
Hi Guys
as you may know I've been involved (created or helped the admins) in  creating online chess clubs in Scotland, mostly on It has come to my attention that there is possibly a need for a club to address those who may require special needs such as more time to play, have discussions etc or maybe players who wish to dip their toe into this format but are scared or unsure of either online chess or their computer.. I know of a few people who fall into this category so if there are anyone in Scotland who would like me to set up a chess club to address this, please let me know. I have also drafted up a simple guide for those who wish to set up their own club and run their own online club. 
I am hoping that with the right support , we can setup inter club tournaments either within or outside their regional league. A few clubs have already started their own interclub challenges albeit with human admins. Hopefully we will have completely automated leagues set up within Scotland within the new few weeks and months.
Anyone looking for assistance or joining these ventures only needs to ask


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