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1st On-line Scottish Chess Tour Allegro
All-Play-All's are being considered as one way to go. Although individual withdrawals can have more of an impact on the tournament than in a Swiss. We did need to move players between tournaments following a withdrawal from the Premier before start of play. I rather suspect that a withdrawal from a All-Play-All tournament that isn't offering prize money isn't too disruptive. We would also need a large enough spread of players to avoid any major discrepancies of grading differences . Although it seemed to work well on Sunday. At one point on Sunday we had considered asking the Premier players to play their games to the original timetable, but the pairings were only being displayed a round at a time. It was only after the event I noticed the schedule facility available in Vega.

One thing I was surprised by, unlike an over the board tournament, there were no 'no shows' and no withdrawals.

We are also considering utilising the platform's tournament facilities, although these are quite different to standard Swiss tournaments.

Look out for an announcement of some future tournaments in the near future.

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RE: 1st On-line Scottish Chess Tour Allegro - by David Clayton - 29-04-2020, 01:12 AM

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