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SNCL Captains Urgent please read
Giffnock are aware.
To William Hulme and everyone else.

As i originally stated when I cancelled SNCL, the decision of how to settle this year's awards would have to wait until I had a chance to talk to my team. As some of you will be aware Andy Howie is in Russia for the foreseeable future (hopefully he'll get back after the tournament finishes but with flights grounded etc we'll have to wait and see)
I do not wish to assume what will be decided so please have patience and let us work it out as fairly as we can.


Dumfries A and B are aware.

Thanks to everyone who confirmed they knew SNCL was cancelled. With Lockdown now in effect I'm sure the rest have all cottoned on to the cancellation as well.

Please do as the Government (Scottish and UK) tell us and hopefully we'll come out of this quicker than expected.

My love to you all, stay safe and look after each other as best you can.


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