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2019 Inverness Chess Congress
Just a reminder, there are only 19 places left.

Please book in plenty of time to make sure you get in.

Available places keep going down almost daily.
Inverness has now closed the online entry. We will still consider entries in the Major and Minor as they have an odd number of entries.

Please use the contact tab on the website to enter. It would only be for 1 additional person in each so a "first come first in" situation.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had a couple of withdrawals so if you thought you were too late to enter please get in touch,
we may be able to accommodate you.
Inverness entries are now shut for the Open and Major, we would accept 1 more entry in the Minor to even the event but aren't too fussed.

All draws can be found here.

Or for all  results go here.
The pairings for the open are not including byes
(20-09-2019, 05:11 PM)hamish olson Wrote: The pairings for the open are not including byes

Correct. Because there are no byes in the premier.
There are 5
The blitz is online, Nikolas Skettos and Andy McCallum 1st and grading prizes respectively.

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