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Scottish International Open
I wanted to post some comments/observations on the Scottish International Open

1. It was a excellent venue, plenty of space, great air conditioning, no problem with parking and just a really nice back drop to play in.  I think it is great news that we look likely to be returning to same venue for the next two years.

2. Edinburgh is an interesting place; nothing is cheap.  Things are either free or very expensive.
Of the free things, I really enjoyed the Bank museum, the national museum and the national gallery, but I enjoyed just wandering around the Royal Mile and surrounds too.

3. Having stayed at the University and rented an airb&b I can say that there seemed to be a very good range of accommodation which could cater for most tastes and budgets.

4. Thanks to Dave Stewart for organising the social events.  I really enjoyed his Harry Potter tour.  I hope that this might be something that develops in future years - how about an outing to a comedy club or a whisky tasting?

5. My thanks to the organisers, in particular, it was great that chess-results was regularly updated and pairings were posted pretty much immediately the last game finished.

I look forward to future years


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