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Glorney Festival Appeal 2019
Can I make a request perhaps especially to those interested in junior chess to consider making a charitable donation towards the costs of Scotland's 20 juniors chosen to play in this year's Glorney Festival in Ireland?

Full details are at the Glorney Festival 2019 link at the CS news homepage. And details of the Appeal, being made through the Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust  (SJCAET), have also been posted by Ian Brownlee at 'General Chess Chat/Glorney Appeal'.

The SJCAET charity is now in its fiftieth year and has long supported a wide range of domestic and international junior initiatives, including support for the Glorney events.

To help make this successful, please do publicise the Appeal widely (at your judgement) to friends on social media who you may think have an interest. No one need be a CS 'member' to take part!

A very long list of Scottish players have enjoyed their first, and generally, for ever unforgettable, international experience in these junior events, which go back in a distinguished unbroken sequence to shortly after the end of WWII.

Worthwhile tournaments!

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