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What Makes A Good Team?
Good premises? Well Organised? Nice equipment? Yes yes and yes. I have come across another important one this year already at my team Greenwood....competition for places. There are 7 of us trying all avenues at home and abroad to get 1 of the 6 places available in the 1st team, take a look at them on the grading section. So what other factors make a good team? Persons willing to drive, make tea....awright, that's Pat McGovern spoken for. What about other club members? Tell us all what you like (and dislike!) about your club.

The team that drinks together wins together.
You are becoming far too observant ! However, Hugh is correct, we do socialise together and have some great laughs both here and further afield.
Haha. I was actually referring largely to Edinburgh! I do think it makes a difference having a team who socialise with each other away from the board at times - it makes the whole experience more enjoyable, making it easier to both hold onto and attract players.
I will translate Hugh's previous post...

Get present and future teammates rubbered that badly that they feel they have to continue supporting the club lest they be exposed at a future date for making a complete eejit of themselves at a night oot.
A naff line in t-shirts?
Thinly disguised comment by Gary meaning " I hope you are not going to wear your subtle Ayrshire champions again t-shirt at the forthcoming prizegiving". Would our sedentary quiet team from Greenwood do such a thing? Hmmm..
Heaven and fashion forbid!
An inspirational Team Captain like Ian Marks, someone who motivates people to achieve their best (although I do not Sad Sad ) and who is always available with sound advice.
Gary McPheator Wrote:A naff line in t-shirts?

Rumour has it if the Gambits win this season its mankinis. You heard it here first! =o
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!

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