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PVG (Child Protection) - Implementation delay
The authorities have advised Chess Scotland (CS) that there will be a delay in the implementation of the next stage of the PVG scheme, (the delay is attributed to computer system problems). The planned changes were notified on 21 December 2011 on the Noticeboard, Membership News, PVG (Child Protection) - Changes in 2012 In addition, each CS volunteer who would be affected by the changes received a letter from the CS Lead Signatory, Steve Mannion (Snr).

No revised implementation date has been announced as yet, as soon as the position becomes clearer, a further announcement will be made. This delay only impacts on existing volunteers who have been the subject of disclosure under the former Child Protection scheme and who would now be expected to join the new PVG scheme on a phased basis. New volunteers who were not covered under the old scheme can continue to become PVG scheme members under the existing CS arrangements.

If anyone has a specific question concerning their own circumstances, please contact either the Lead Signatory, Steve Mannion (Snr) <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> , or the Alternate, Dick Heathwood <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

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