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Inverness Congress
Ok that makes sense. Understand that it is a bit awkward and people who played >2200 player(s) would have less FIDE rated games.

On the other hand it does allow more people to play and I do think rating is just a number at the end of the day - for me it's better to have more players playing even if those games are only rated by Chessscotland. (I would say that though!).
Its been said before but I'll say again. Scotland is a small country. There are not so many active players or chess events. The idea someone like Hamish is in the room but can't take part can't be right. Its great that this event - any event - is happening but, having gone to the trouble to organize, please do not exclude people from taking part. The idea that it is the strongest players that are excluded just seems to make it worse for me. These are typically the players who are most talented and hardworking at the game which makes them the players we should most want to encourage. For example, why encourage juniors to aspire to get better if they will find that if they achieve this they may then be excluded from an event. It just can't be right. No. Grading systems should take a backseat behind inclusion in my opinion.
George, you will be happy to know that, in the case of Inverness. the time control for any particular FIDE requirement is the last thing we look at.
Much more important is when breakfast will finish in the hotel as we use part of the breakfast area so pushing back the morning as far as possible is something looked at.
By the same token, we can't be too late to finish as people tend to want to leave so they can get home at a reasonable time on the Sunday.
They also want some time to eat between rounds as well, chess players are all very needy.

So by the time we have done all that what we are left with is the time we have to fit a time control into.

Perhaps next year we shall make it a little clearer that over 2200 can enter but will not be FIDE rated, just domestically, though I personally don't think it would make that much difference.
Hi John,

Apologies once again for not getting the Inverness Congress Junior Cup back to Inverness for presentation. I can either get this to the new winner directly or to yourself/ a CS official for presentation at a future congress. Please let me know.

If anyone who played Inverness would like to write a report for the October CS magazine it would be much appreciated! (Not you Hamish, nor you George - sorry )

Many thanks,
Andy Burnett
To add to the comments of Hamish and George, I would have considered playing at Inverness these past few years, had it not been for the rating cap.

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