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AGM| 2018
The notice of the 2018 AGM has been on the website since the 22nd of September.

The notice does not contain the 2017 minutes, despite the assertion that it would.

At this point it appears that the 2017 AGM minutes will, at best, be forthcoming some 4 weeks before the 2018 AGM, rather than 4 weeks after the relevant AGM.

With the moving of the AGM to November, this means that the minutes are some 13-14 months later than specified by the Constitution.
No 2018 accounts and no minutes of 2017 AGM posted to date either.

Only 2 weeks to go before the AGM.
John Watkins
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The following are now available on the News Page

Annual Report
Minutes of 2017 AGM
I wish to revive this old thread, as it would appear that no action has been taken in respect of publishing the minutes of, in particular, CS AGM's.

From the NEW Constitution we see, as quoted above:

14.3.2. For General Meetings the draft minutes will be published on the Chess Scotland internet site within 4 weeks of the meeting.

For the years 2015 to 2018 inclusive, the minutes of the AGM have only become available in the notice for the following years AGM.

This is not just a 'tad late', it is some 40+ weeks late.

The only way to find previous notices, and eventually minutes, for AGM's is to laboriously go back through the 'News'.

Eventually you will find the notice and the minutes of AGM's, but it is an unrewarding experience.

I would like to propose that from now on CS:

1. produces the draft minutes of an AGM (or EGM) within the four weeks specified in the Constitution

2. sets up a locked archive on the Forum for notices of, and the minutes of, AGM's and EGM's

3. similarly sets up archives for:-

  a) Board meetings and minutes

  b) Council meetings and minutes

I now notice that the Archive section of the forum has vanished.  Why?

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