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Scottish Championship 2018
The entry forms are now out. 

Byes : " Players wishing a bye must request it on the entry form.In the unlikely event of a player asking for a bye after round 2 then it will not count towards any Championship title."

This is unfair. All rounds of the tournament must be treated equally. Half-point byes must be available in every round if requested in advance.

Many players have family commitments and cannot play all nine rounds. This could be any round, not just rounds 1 & 2.

Some players have to prepare for the Glorney Cup and may wish byes in rounds 8 or 9. It's no wonder that the Glorney team are unsuccessful every year and now have had the debacle of the Spens and Rosebowl. Alex, we are spending £6,000 on the Glorney. Players need time to prepare. I need to give them motivational team talks to lift their spirits which are currently at rock bottom.

Finally, the Scottish Champion has made the Olympiad team, so the title is worth achieving. Let's make it fair for all competitors.
(17-04-2018, 08:59 AM)amuir Wrote:  Let's make it fair for all competitors.

That is exactly why that rule was introduced!

We had a situation many years ago where a player won the Junior title by taking last round byes to play in the UK Chess Challenge.
His nearest challenger had to play strong players to get his points.

As you say 'the title is worth achieving'  so why introduce a way of devaluing it.

I would hope that most would say that winning the Scottish was more prestigious than playing in the Glorney.

Entry form attached.

Attached Files
.docx   entryForm18.docx (Size: 534.05 KB / Downloads: 1,520)
Alex, a swiss draw creates a lot of randomness anyway.
Not allowing byes discourages players playing in the Glorney which devalues the tournament.
What is the point of spending £6000 on the Glorney if we are not taking it seriously ?
I am quite happy for our junior champion to win with byes in rounds 8 & 9 and then playing glorney rather than our junior champion play all 9 rounds and not play glorney. Is there a £6000 prize for junior champion ? No.
Should there not be an entry form by now?!
(20-04-2018, 08:34 PM)PeterReidSmith Wrote: Should there not be an entry form by now?!

Hi Peter,

See the 'attached files' at the bottom of Alex McF's post above Wink

They have been printed Peter, and were in final preparation for sending out last week and I did bring some with me, but they might be a bit difficult to get from me just now.

They will be at the congresses from now on and I can chase up the online version when I get back/
Does anyone even bother to read my replies to anything nowadays :/

The entire thread starts with the words 'The entry forms are now out', which even though it was written by the other Andy is a dead giveaway Wink
-and then Alex attached the entry forms to his reply
-and then I mentioned that attachment Sad
Can we have the entry form on the Tourny entry page please - ie. a link.
I have updated the News item on the front page of the website to add a link to the entry form.
(22-04-2018, 07:22 AM)Jim Webster Wrote: I have updated the News item on the front page of the website to add a link to the entry form.

As Danny Gormally has entered there will be IM norms available. As there will be Glorney players around, I will come along to watch but have decided to do Glorney training during the later rounds instead of playing.

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