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Perth 2018
The Congress starts tomorrow and we are still taking entries up to around 18:00 tomorrow.

There will be a live games feed and results, tables and draws for all sections and the Quickplay can be found here.
Round 1 draws now available
All round 1 results and round 2 draws now available.
I realize it might not be possible to change the draw once it is posted but it has been made with the result of my game the wrong way round. The live board shows the correct result, as does my scoresheet but the result has still been recorded wrongly.
Round 5 draws now available.
No photos, or report?
(06-03-2018, 04:44 PM)Andy McCulloch Wrote: No photos, or report?

Calm down, it'll be done when it's done. Working through the games first, which is a joy. Cry

Photos next, my slow upload means that takes hours. It'll all appear, soonish. Or later. Big Grin
All Perth games are now available from the Scottish Chess Tour site. Photos link will appear there later.

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