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Nancy Elder Tournament 2018
Hi all

I am now taking entries for this tournament. There are already eight entries including at least three unnamed players from Dundee. The entries will be listed in the calender. Rules are as before.

Link can be accessed here

Closing date should be December 31st but i will discretionary accept late entries since its the time of festive cheer.

Can all entrants arrange payment of entry fee to Karen Howie or give me the money and I will forward it on.

I'm sure we will again get a bumper entry from the Castlehill crew but it would be nice if we have new entries this year

entries entries to either or 
If you also submit email addresses I will also send draws by email as well as posting on the website. Please alwaays to quote your PNUM when submitting entries
Entrants so far in Nancy Elder

Steve H Hilton

A Keith Aitchison

Robert Jackson

Chris Donkin

Calum McGillivray

Keith S Rose

Agnijo Banerjee

Alan Armstrong

Martin R Keen

Subhayu Banerjee

John Lynch

Lisa Paton

For legal reasons I need each member to send me an email with contact details for potenial oppoenents whether it be an email , telephone number or parental contact
Final list players

To make it an even 16 I have entered myself unless someone else notifies me within 48 hours. I'll try and regionalise the first round. If I progress past the first round Jim Webster will make the next round draw. First named player will be Black with home advantage

Steve H Hilton
IC 1783

A Keith Aitchison 
ED 1618

Ian G Brownlee
LK 1604

Robert Jackson
CH 1600

Chris Donkin
WD 1576

Gerry Brown
CS 1567

Calum McGillivray
ED 1556

Keith S Rose
CH 1539

Agnijo Banerjee
CH 1453

Alan Armstrong
KO 1398

Martin R Keen
KO 1394

Subhayu Banerjee
CH 1359

David Ainsworth
CO 1243

Allan W Buchan
ED 1173

John Lynch
CH 1129

Lisa Paton
CH 938
Nancy Elder draw 2018 below
A Banergee        v              J lynch
S Banergee        v              L Paton
S Hilton             v              I Brownlee
K Rose              V             R Jackson
C Donkin           V             Alan Armstrong
M  R Keen          v              A K Aitchison
C McGillivray      v              David Ainsworth
A W  Buchan      v              Gerry Brown

First player is Black and has home advantage
Quarter final draw below

Calum McGillivray v Gerry Brown
S Banerjee v John Lynch
Keith Rose v Ian Brownlee
Chris Donkin v Martin Keen

First named player is White
Second Player is Black and has home advantage
sorry Guys I mucked up the colours, colours and revised draw are as follows

Anyway here is the draw and thanks to Calum for asking me to confirm the draw.

Gerry Brown V Calum McGillivray
John Lynch V S Banerjee

Both these games have had their colours reversed

Keith Rose V Ian Brownlee
Chris Donkin V Martin Keen
Both these games are as originally scheduled

Again sincere apologies
Just to let you guys know i beat Chris Donkin in the final
Is that allowed? Angel
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Congrats Ian - An annotated game from the final would be lovely for the magazine Wink

Cheers, Andy

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