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Glorney Cup Training
Hi All
We are now preparing various training opportunities for our Glorney Cup squad. Our chief trainer will be preparing materials and organising events and training sessions. We hopem to have a training session in Glasgow centre centre for a Saturday morning or afternoon. We are also hoping for local clubs to provide their venue for local training as well. Training will take the form of both group and 1-2-1 sessions. If anyone or any club can help out, then please contact myself as soon as possible. We also have other items on the agenda which we will announce shortly.
This seems like a great initiative! There's only so much coaches can do once it gets to an event - pre event preparation is something we've been lacking.

Is this the under 18s or all the sections (Glorney gets used in different meanings). Who is the trainer? Andy M?
Bon Accord might be able to help out with a venue but it's probably a bit far away, although you do mention "local training". Dundee University Chaplaincy is an excellent venue that Richard Jennings uses for his u12 training days - might make sense to collaborate with him. Unbelievably cheap venue and it is genuinely a lovely building. Drop me an email if you are interested in this - I can pass on Richard's contact details.
My email to Fiona:

Booking a room is a great idea but training should be user focused.
We need names of people interested and what they want.
There are various options (a) tournament (b) lecture © simul (d) openings (e) endings (f) positions to analyse
More trainers needed if more numbers.

So I suggest fiona gets the emails of all top juniors and sends them a questionnaire
(1) Can you make Glasgow training ?
(2) What topics of these 6 do you want ?

Also ask them :
Can you play Spens Cup ?
Can you play Northumberland masters ?

There may need to be an Edinburgh or Aberdeen trainer for juniors who cannot make Glasgow

Why on earth should they play the Northumberland masters?
Robin, I am playing and could encourage them there
I don't get it. Why are ChessScotland wasting our valuable finances on booking rooms, trainers etc on a secondary event like the Glorney but are not sending juniors to the pinnacle events like the World Youth, World Cadets, Euroyouth, Under 16 Olympiad and so on where the standard is far superior and more importantly we receive fully funded accommodation places at every age group for boys, girls and coaches/head of delegation?
That would be the Olympiad in India, the Youth in Uruguay, Cadets in Brazil....

At least next year it is Spain, Turkey and Greece...
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

In 2017 the EU championships were in the Czech Republic, Jugendschach was in Austria, Euroyouth was in Romania, Saint Lo in France etc. All events where Scotland receives fully funded places for boys and girls at all age groups. We also received a fully funded coach/head of delegation place. We never sent an official delegation to any of them despite spending money on sending quality players on courses in Europe where they obtained the necessary qualification accreditation to enable them to utilise the fully funded coach/head of delegation accommodation place.

Maybe when we get the breakdown from the FD of the £33k we can answer your questions, Robin
Andy M,

I don't share your obsessive pursuit of this figure. Have you written to the Finance Director?

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