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Pieces Knocked over
(08-08-2017, 07:23 PM)PeterReidSmith Wrote: I really should do that arbiter course, but anyway:

If piece(s) knocked over and clock pressed, then either player can press the clock again until the board is setup appropriately by the offending piece-knocker-overer, yes?

My move and I knock over some pieces (and press the clock).
It's then ok for either I, or my opponent, to quickly press the clock back to me until the board is reasonably back to normal?

Sounds correctly me. But what happens if game is one played with incremental timings?

Does the player who knocked pieces over get bonus 30 Seconds? Not Good outcome if he is in severe time trouble.

In that case hope that arbiter with wisdom.of Solomon is watching.

PS Solomon had it easy...cut the baby in half obvious solution

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