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2020 Chess Championships 2017/18!
We've had entries from several teams from Strathclyde, Stirling and Edinburgh! Smile

If anyone is interested in playing or has any questions either comment on here or send an email to

The tournament takes place at Edinburgh University on the 11th November, you just need any four players to make a team and the event will be graded
Two more entries from Wandering Dragons Chess Club!

Their A team finished 2nd last year so will be seeking to build on that this time around

You can see scores and report from that tournament and all others we have run here:
Another couple of sides entering taking it up to 8 in total!

Wandering Dragons Chess Club A
Wandering Dragons Chess Club B
Glasgow University A
Glasgow University B
Edinburgh University
Strathclyde University A
Strathclyde University B
Stirling University A
Stirling University B
New entry:

Edinburgh Chess Club

Alastair White 2065
Andrew Green 2047
Robert Kane 1889
Raj Bhopal 1828

A strong side who will consider themselves as one of the favourites!

Its still not too late to enter, email to secure your place Smile

Thank you for one of the best-organized tournaments I have played in my chess career so far. Brilliant job!
Have the results been published somewhere? Just if you can share a link here whenever you publish them it would be great as many people I played today I met them for the first time.

Thanks again for a great event,
Thank you Nicolas and all those who came along, especially to Kughan Ravindran for booking the venue and Ben Raine for assisting with the pairings/arbitrating Smile

It was a thoroughly enjoyable tournament, you can read all about it here: and congratulations to Wandering Dragons for their emphatic victory!

Photos can be found on this link:

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