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Team Lightning
A reminder that the Team Lightning will take place after the SNCL on Sunday (see under Calendar for details).

Please let me have as many entries as possible in advance. It makes planning so much easier.

A reminder that increment is desirable to compensate for the physical act of moving the pieces and not having to throw them across the room. Smile
Absolutely right, Alan. Increments are an indispensable part of serious blitz chess, even more so than in rapid and classical, in the digital age. I thoroughly enjoyed chucking the pieces about and hammering clocks in my schooldays .. But we have moved on now.
This is an issue I'd thought about but had planned to leave until someone else took over running the event. However, I agree it has merit.

I had to check with Andy Howie that such a time control wouldn't cause him any problem (as he'll be resetting the clocks after SNCL games). Seems to be OK.

The plan now is to use a 3min + 2sec time limit.
Happy to oblige Big Grin
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
The event was advertised as 5 min per side for all moves on entry form, which is what have been preparing for.

Think it is wrong to change time limit at last minute based on two opinions on noticeboard.

Very disappointing.
You can't just change the time control of a tournament based on noticeboard comments. This must be voted on at an AGM. This is very unprofessional. If you do this then let's just change the time control of the Richardson final for fun even though it has been advertised in advance too.
Ken is the tournament director. He can do what he likes!

(Suggestions for blitz preparation where you can't flag them: work on playing level, technique, and endings, though you only have a few days so probably not enough time.)
It seems straightforwards that the event should proceed with 5 and 0 as that was as advertised and what folk will expect on the day.

Personally I prefer to play with increments though would suggest to Alan and Craig that 4 and 2 is by far better than 3 and 2. Actually 3 and 2 will give most folk less time for most of their games I think....I do not think this is what anyone wants?

I think most club players play 5 and 0 when using clock's and that this will be a more familiar time control for them's possible that 3 and 2 could prove unpopular on the may be a majority of players like me and Craig and Alan would want increments but I would be surprised if most would want 3 and 2!

Of course I do not know everyone's preferences and possibly the noticeboard is not the best test of opinion.

Whatever the time control on the day I think some certainty is called for...maybe Ken could have a think about this and make another posting?
As the lightning is played at the SNCL , I will raise a motion at the SNCL AGM to retain the same time control we have had since the tournament inception.

Alan, how many times have you played in the lightning ? And that gives you the right to change the rules ?

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