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Hastings 11/12
I agree that it would be good to have more FIDE rated events in Scotland. Our better players have to look elsewhere for these games at the moment with the exceptions of the Scottish, Edinburgh Congress, Edinburgh C.C. FIDE and SNCL. Unfortunately, I don't think we have enough players for 9-11 day events to make that format a viable option without sponsorship. Copying the 2 weekend format would probably be the best bet, although I am not too sure how attractive this would be given the modest numbers that take part in the Edinburgh C.C. FIDE. Perhaps we should take steps to make all congress top sections FIDE rated.

There are numerous players who refuse to play in weekend Opens that are FIDE rated as they don't agree with playing 2 FIDE rated games in a day.

There is also the problem of the time control, for an event to be FIDE rated, it has to use one of the approved time controls. That does not suit all congresses
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