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"Drawn" positions when there is an increment
I've never been too sure about this, but it has happened to me, so:

Increment - hence, in theory the game can go on forever.
Drawn position, but not trivially - e.g. there might be a fortress, but that might not be evident to everyone. In the particular case I remember I had a Rook+Bishop fortress against a queen and King but there were also pawns on the board. It was "clearly" drawn, but the point is...

the game can just go on and on and on. Three move repetition need never arise ; the 50 move rule (does that even still exist) need never arise (or at least not for many hours) as the odd pawn move can always be made, and any 2 minute rules can be kept at bay by the increment. So...what exactly is the protocol?

In my case, I did call the arbiter (it was 22:30pm and I wanted to get some sleep), but even then it took another 30mins and probably only ended because the other player did eventually concede the draw- probably only due to my demonstrable frustration and having to pseudo repeat moves.

In there an issue here or am I (and I suspect a few others) just ignorant of the correct protocol?
It's just the way it is (unfortunately if you are the one defending). Game goes on till 50 move rule or draw agreement. I've had some very difficult defenses and some frustrating losses but there's not really an obvious solution (to me anyway).

They used to have an extended version of 50 move rule for rook and bishop vs rook (100 moves!). <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... rsus_BELLE</a><!-- m -->
... which is why increments are unsuitable for mid-week league games, when the janitor wants to lock up and go home.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Yeh, it's a separate (and far too debatable point) but I do wonder if the increment idea has been embraced a little too quickly (globally) without sufficient thought. The argument over "purity/quality" only washes with a certain perspective (who granted might even be a majority in numbers) but the case in my view is a long way from proven. I will always be of the view that chess is a game between mere humans with flawed and imperfect psychologies and that that is a material part of the game, and the fun. Managing time (deliberately and consciously - or not doing so) is then just another way for those differences to distinguish themselves - while "fixing the problem" with increments is a misconception based on flawed assumptions about what "quality" means. Still, we are where we are so I'll pack caffeine tablets the next time I'm playing in an increment tournament Smile

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