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Scottish 2017
We had originally hoped to hold the Dundee Scottish Congress and 150th Anniversary Invitation Tournament in the same venue as the Centenary celebration ie the Marryat Hall but there was already a prior booking for the second weekend of July. Therefore we had to look elsewhere in the City Centre and the excellent Bonar Hall was available from 15th July (exams taking place there for the preceding fortnight) at a very reasonable cost.
The first round of the GM Invitational 10 player all play tournament will be held at the new Hampton by Hilton Hotel on the afternoon of Friday 14th July, and thereafter in the Bonar Hall with a rest day of the Wednesday.
All tournaments will conclude on Sunday 23rd July with Prizegiving at 19.30. It is unfortunate that the earlier week could not be arranged but youngsters will be able to play in Dundee for most of the Congress week with Glorney players etc. being able to take byes for the final weekend as necessary. There are 6 day junior events to be held from the first Sunday until the Friday as an option.
Bonar Hall is excellent - near to Perth Road which has some fine cafes and pubs and bistros. Plus the terrace at DCA.
Just wanted to ask what the expectations are for the Open with regards to say 2400+ players? The 10 player invitational has a lot of the Scottish regulars in it, which although great to see is making me a bit worried about the Open (strip away the top 10 players from last year's event and the top seed becomes 2250), so just wondering how likely it is that the Open will be a norm tournament this year.
There are only 4 who would normally have played in the Scottish Championships
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
I see that we need to 'register' on the Saturday morning. I can see scope for mishaps there. I suppose that the organisers are desperate to avoid walkovers (as witness the dreaded half-hour default in all rounds). Can players really not confirm on Friday night that they're definitely coming the next day?

I know it doesn't seem like much to ask of players, but it's a harsh punishment for simple forgetfulness.
I would like to repeat Adam's question about the 2400+ players as nobody has answered it. It's not a small detail!
I am making my plans for July just now and, despite being offered a lift down every day, I am not going to play without more information. This is not meant as a slight against the organisers, who I am sure are doing their best and have managed to set up a great round robin that I will enjoy watching on the internet.
Invitations are out to some GMs - awaiting answers.  Money is very limited this year.
Are the prizes guaranteed or subject to entries?
The main prizes are guaranteed. Rating prizes will obviously be reduced in number.
2 GMs now confirmed and possible another two will compete.

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