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Dundee & Angus Spring Allegro 2012
Dundee & Angus Congress will be staging a one-day Spring Allegro on Saturday 26th May 2012 at the usual Congress venue – David Lloyd Leisure, Ethiebeaton by Dundee.

We will be collaborating with Chess For Kicks which will be organised and conducted by SJC officials but the events will share the venue. Hopefully entries for one will generate entries for the other. CFK officials will make their own announcement in due course.

Details of the D&A Allegro will be finalised over the next few weeks but I hope to have provisional details ready by Lothians Allegro and entry forms by Perth. The Dundee Congress website - will carry news and updates although a dedicated website is being developed. For direct news and updates email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Fantastic. I have never been to Dundee in good weather... should I take a hat?
Lol! Did you not play the 2009 congress, Ian?

I recall it was around 120 degrees. Oh, hold on that was inside the playing hall. I should add the problem was addressed for subsequent years.

My abiding memory of the tournament, which I did not play well in, was facing Brian Bonnyman in the last round. I really just wanted a quick draw and home but found myself swealtering my way to defeat, wondering if I was taking part in an event held on the surface of the sun, while Brian appeared as cool as a cucumber in shirt tie and (for crying out loud) a sweater!!

It was a long drive home after that.
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PS I look forward to seeing what the weather is like in Dundee on the 26th of Mat. Count me in, Keith.
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Thanks for the early encouragement gents.

Ian - a deerstalker should do; if nothing else it would give the rest of us something to laugh at. It doesn't rain much inside the venue but if the weather is half decent a t-shirt wouldn't go amiss.

David - I predict that there will be weather and it will be in Dundee.

Have a merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you and all our chessy friends
This new event now has its own website - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. All the important info is there, as is online entry. Entry forms will be available at Perth & Kinross Chess Festival and following events.

A Chess For Kicks event will be held at the same place, same time and entry forms for this will also be available at Perth.
The CFK entry form will be on the CS web site soon.

Alternatively I can send out an electronic copy in response to email request arriving at the usual address

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