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Training Events
Craig Pritchett Wrote:Interesting but why would this sort of 'training' necessarily inspire anyone, who already has a training programme (read most top Scots)?

Really? I always got the impression that the top Scots (bar Rowson) were just winging it (like me). 2450 is not a high top level compared to other countries.

Craig Pritchett Wrote:Why assume that Scotland's top players don't already train sufficiently?

Because practically all Scottish GMs and IMs are either not improving or are declining.

Craig Pritchett Wrote:1. How do you train (broad outline/system), e.g. research and practice games (not excluding physical fitness and stamina plus psychological aspects)
2. Are you happy with this approach (broadly)?
3. Is there anything that you think CS might do to help you work on and improve your training?

Then draw conclusions.

I like this idea as a start.

Online training matches yes. Broadcast live no.

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