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Training Events
Quote:There are currently no training events

This is very true - so.....

Any suggestions on what is necessary?

Lets concentrate, on adult training for this thread anyway.

* Training for FIDE rated players, say >2000
* Training for club and CS league chess <2000
*When and where?
** One day
** Weekend
** Central venue
** Regional / evening

What type of training?
** Theory
** Tactics and Strategy
** Endgames

What level of trainer?
I would guess this would depend on the target audience.
For training to be effective should it be targeted at different levels of abilities so that stronger/weaker players are taught at the right level.

The big question ---- How to pay for it?

No promises, but I'll listen and it is certainly worth considering.
What about training for disabled players?
StevieHilton Wrote:What about training for disabled players?

Doesn't adult cover that? Didn't realise "adult" excluded disabled players.
I'd like to offer what I believe is needed for (relatively) strong players:

In an ideal world training is best done for a period before you play.
As an example, Isle of Man starts on the 1st October and there are quite a few Scots playing. Does anyone care how these players do apart from the players themselves? We are left to our own devices which is the way it's always been, but how about CS hold rapid/training tournaments before big events. It is a well-known training technique to play practice games before a tournament and this is what serious players do.
Adult doesn't necessarily cover disabled training.
It has to be clearer

Perhaps you have to be clearer on what you mean exactly by disabled.
Steve - if you pay me I can train you
Alan - you need trained by the top players - but they are in Baku.
Can we keep this thread to the initial topics posted?

I don't think we should really be getting into semantics regarding definitions of adult, handicapped, disabled or anything else.

If you have some offerings that are specific to handicapped, disabled or anything else then let us hear them, but lets not waste space and time with to and fro comments.

Suggestions and Proposals are what is needed - then CS can look to see if there are ways to help.
I believe Graham Morrison had some interesting ideas for this a while back. A key element is to have training matches. This can be done very cheaply as an online event. There can even be a tiered system that encompasses junior players right up to the Olympiad team.
There are quite a few finer details to work through, but really not too difficult to start next week.
Matthew: Searching for Graham's posts led me to a similar discussion ; ) Well in that case I was campaigning for pre-Olympiad training but it feels like the current CS administration is more progressive. I didn't find Graham's posts *tags Graham*, or if anyone knows where they are that would be great. I was though thinking more of OTB games to be honest, but I suppose online is better than nothing.

Andy: Playing strength does not necessarily make a good coach. All you need are enthusiastic players who want to improve or are happy to share their knowledge. This can be done on Facebook or Whatsapp for instance - create a group and then post positions for each other to solve.

In short I'm asking for competitive OTB games that aren't Fide rated so that when it comes to the Fide rated games one is a bit more warmed up.

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