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Cappelle le Grande 2016
The 32nd International Open of Cappelle-la-Grande will take place from February 13 till February 20, 2016.

Chess Scotland has been offered 4 places in this event. Entry fee, accommodation (2xtwin rooms) and food is included.

Interested players please contact me before December 20th.

Andy Burnett ( CS International Director)
Do you want this on the Webpage as well?
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Yes please, although I see you've already done it Smile thanks!
This is a perfect tournament for anyone wanting to try out their luck on the international scene. There is the chance to play strong players but it's big enough that there is always someone weaker than you!
If anyone has written to me about this but not received a reply (please check your -emails today before commenting here!) then please contact me asap on

I am hoping to close the entry process this week.

Kind regards,
Andy Burnett (CS International Director)
The 4 CS representatives who will play in Cappelle 2016 are...

IM Stephen Mannion
FM Iain Gourlay
FM Neil Berry
Daniel McGowan

Best of luck to all of them in what will be a very strong tournament!

Andy Burnett
(CS International Director)

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