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Lothians Allegro 2012 - Saturday 7th January
Lothians Allegro 2012

Venue: Wester Hailes Education Centre, Edinburgh
Date: 7th January 2012
Rounds: 5
Round 1 Starts: 10:00
Time Controls: 30 minutes each for all moves (Allegro)

More details to follow...

Big Grin
Let's hope hope the weather holds out (and the heating works!)
It was a good decision to move the two day congress to October and have the one day allegro to January. The venue last January was too cold for me to sit, let alone think and the only way I could get warm was to go the the viewing gallery of the swimming pool. But, the venue this October gone was I think a wee bit too warm. Lets hope it stays that way for January 7.
The heating was broken last January Ian; which is why it was very cold! Sad I hope there won't be a repeat of that problem this January, but at least Allegro gets you moving more quickly and hopefully generating more body heat in the process. Big Grin
Entries are coming in. Please enter early to avoid disappointment! =)
With only just over a week until this event, entries are steadily increasing. Big Grin

If you want to play then please enter as soon as possible as it's usually a popular event and there are a limited number of places. =)
95 Entrants and counting. Big Grin
Andrew, Dick,

A fantastic entry so far! I am looking forward to seeing all of you at Prestwick in May, comeon, fair's fair. Now then, could you possibly be creative in the round draws for the major to ensure I don't get gubbed by any young persons? I am not going to look credible at national and international events to juniors if you don't pockle it ever so slightly. I might be willing to make a donation to the best junior prize.....

PS Please don't tell anyone else how feart I am.

Mr Moore

Please take your medicine. The likes of myself, Andy McCulloch etc have had to face some of these juniors throughout last season and again at the start of this season and there seems to be a conveyor belt operating which replaces those that have moved on and up with a fresh batch of fresh faces.

Think yourself lucky that you may only have to face the ones that graduate from minor school. I also note that there are quite a few names missing from the junior ranks so far but I sincerely hope to see there names appear on the list of Major entries soon, although one or two might fancy a go in the Challengers.

If you don't know which kids I'm referring too, have a look at my record of games over the last couple of years, where you will find the names of McCusker (Kirsty, I managed to avoid Andrew, so far), Abdulla (twice), Richmond, Underwood, Shafi, Roy, Howie, Wynne and Pannwitz. I've also been fortunate in avoiding all of the Espinosa's so far, others have been less so.

I take solace from the fact that in years to come I can remind one or two of them, before they set out for the Olympiad, that they once lost or drew with me. Actually, looking at it, I don't think any of them have lost to me.

Come on juniors get your names down for the Major.

Robin, if you need advice on how to deal with 5 rounds against juniors, see Andy McCulloch at the Lothians on Saturday. Only 4 more sleeps til Saturday. If you can sleep! (Insert Scary laugh and door creaking closed sound effects) :U
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Thank you for those encouraging words. It is well known that at Allegro level, I am a wee bit like an Italian tank, four reverse gears and one forward one in case anyone comes up behind me. I don't want to face juniors that can think 5 move tactics in the time it takes me to consider whether it's gonna be brown or tomato sauce on my bacon roll. Many thanks to Andy and you for contributing valiantly to the aforementioned juniors progression, it is most appreciated. Sadly, they now have guys like me in their sights and I will be running for cover at the first opportunity,

Sleepless in South Ayrshire.

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