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Chess at the movies
Paisley player Richard Cochrane will be conducting a chess lecture on Wednesday 2nd of September at 7.30pm. Richard's previous talk on games taken from the classic book Logical Chess was well received and these evenings are helpful to any player serious about improving their chess.

The theme this time will be chess games that were used in famous Hollywood films.

Anderssen- Kieseritsky, which appeared in Blade Runner

Spassky-Bronstein, which appeared in From Russia With Love

Entry to this event is free for all Chess Scotland members. The talk should finish around 9.30pm.

The talk will take place in Paisley Chess Club which is at Ralston Bowling Club, Allanton Avenue, Paisley

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Richard's talks are always entertaining and informative, I for one should be there
Thanks Ian you will be very welcome.

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