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message from the moderator
In the last few days the tone of the topics has become much darker and not the type Chess Scotland want to see on its forum. As it is close to the AGM I allowed posts which in hindsight I should have nipped in the bud. I then had to lock two topics until I considered what action to taken. After much thought I have banned Robin Moore until further notice and Phil Thomas for two weeks. I felt that warnings were insufficient. Robin's punishment is more severe as he has been already been banned on a previous occasion. If apologies are forthcoming to Chess Scotland, then these bans may be reviewed. Please all remember that this type of behaviour makes my job much more difficult
Hi Ian,

Quote:“…Please remember that this type of behaviour makes my job much more difficult.”

I’m really very sorry that you have been put in this position. There can be no excuse. We are all mature adults who know well enough to respect each other even while we are debating or expressing a particular point of view. “Fighting” or “defending” a corner does not extend to provocation, let alone abuse. Please be assured that you have my full support in the action you have taken. You are the Moderator, and we should not be causing you “grief”. Nor for that matter should we be pushing the boundaries to the extent that risks embarrassing Chess Scotland.

Hi all
after being in discussion with both parties I am pleased to say that I have been assured that the recent behaviour witnessed on the forum will not be repeated. As such I have reviewed the punishment and accordingly both parties will now serve only a two week ban from August 4th which will expire on August 18th. ( i.e Robin's ban has been reduced). Both parties have accepted the ban. If the offending behaviour continues, both parties know that the ban will become permanent. May I also note that they were not the only parties being scrutinised. As members of a forum we must respect other opinions and not denigrate ourselves and others by acting childishly.

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