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The Greatest Game of Bullet Chess Ever??
Well that is what it's being called by one lad who did a 23 minute YouTube thing on it.

(plus a chess mystery featuring a new Chess Detective and a good Knight study)

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Here is the game without my notes.

GM. Roland .Schmalt, - GM. Ronen Jar-Zvi, Chessworld, 2015

[pgn]1. e4 Nc6 2. Nc3 e5 3. g3 Bc5 4. Bg2 Nf6 5. Nge2 d6 6. h3 Bb6 7. O-O O-O 8. Kh2 Re8 9. f4 exf4 10. gxf4 Ng4+ 11. Kg3 Nf2 12. Rxf2 Qh4+ 13. Kxh4 Bxf2+ 14. Ng3 Re6 15. Kg4 Nd4 16. f5 Rg6+ 17. Kf4 Rxg3 18. Qf1 g5+ 19. fxg6 Ne6+ 20. Kf5 Ng7+ 21. Kf6 Rxg6+ 22. Ke7 Re6+ 23. Kd8 Bb6 24. Nd5 Re8# *[/pgn]
What an incredible game to have been played at speed - thanks Geoff!
Wow. If that really happened unscripted (and I'll believe it did) it takes some beating for a bullet game. Amazing!
I thought it looked too good to be real (i.e. pre planned and played) but as the Knight sack is unsound it must be.

I know Geoff and others hate engines but I was curious:

15 kg4 was wrong - engine gives 15 Qh5 winning for white

However it could have been an even better finish!!... with 24 qb5 instead of nd5 - black plays 24 Kf8! with mate in 2, eg 25 qxb6 Re7 and any white move is met with mate with bishop moving away

Can't be the greatest game ever as its not sound... but certainly one of the most enjoyable to see played out, especially blitz.
Hi Alex,

I don't hate engines, I just dislike they way they are used and depended on.

Watching a live game and you cannot help but look at what Stockfish is saying
and it kind of ruins it. It's like reading a mystery thriller where the last page keeps
popping up to tell you who did it.

I have used them to help me squeeze the last drop of a tactics out of as position and
there are a few times when I should have used one because a tick was missed.
Which is good. Proves someone is reading and paying attention (more than the writer did!)

What they will never show you is the unsound plausible move, the last ditch try
that has won or spun many a lost game. Depending on and playing these things
and you will lose the gentle art of swindling. Computerrs just cannot do it.

I bet we can all show hundreds, no, thousands of positions even the strongest
computer would lose and yet the human won by playing a move a computer
would never play and in some case never even place in it's top 5 choices.

This one won me a bet. White, at the time a 1300 player) to play.

[pos]rn2kbnr/ppp1pppp/8/8/3P4/2PQ4/PP3PqP/R1B1K1NR w KQkq - 0 7[/pos]

White is lost so computers now go into 'deep sulk' mode.

The computer plays always Qf3 to save the Rook.

The humans played Qh3 same thing but Qh3 it is graded just a few digits lower than Qf3.
The fact Qh3 can win on the spot and plays on the human weakness (blundering greed)
is totally missed by a computer. They do not know how to play chess.
(infact they do not even know they are playing a game.)

The thing considers itself lost and cannot dream of winning. They have no fighting spirit.

White played Qh3, Black took the Rook and White mated with Qc8.
A 1300 player won from a position Rybka would lose from.

Latest effort features Bishops beating up Rooks and a smashing Study.

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It also contains this masterpiece White to play.

[pos]4r1k1/ppp2p2/1bn3bp/3p2p1/1P6/2P2N1P/P2KB1PB/R6R w - - 0 21[/pos]

White (a Rook up) played in the pure Reinfeld moves of Rad1 then Rhe1.
Centralisation, what can possibly be wrong with that?

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