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disability materials
Hi Guys
I have received today the kind donation of a specially adapted chess set for the visually impaired from our affiliate the Braille Chess Association. I intend to loan it out ( or demonstrate it) to anyone requiring this type of chess set so that anyone can try it out. I also intend to obtain other resources such as specialist chess clocks, audio and braille books so that we can encourage disabled people either to take up the game or at least enjoy the resources that Chess Scotland can provide. If anyone knows of anyone that needs any help or has any suggestions that can help Chess Scotland in this area, please contact me
There are many sources of chess sets for the blind available.
Chess Baron. in England, They do sets in two sizes,
Sets are available from Blind organisations in Romania, Bulgaria, The Netherlands and I know that the French are producing a new set. for the European Championships for the blind in Lyon. I have seen the prototypes for this set.

Clocks are a problem, Garde make analogue clocks for the blind, They are about 80 Euros each. The Best analogue clocks which are the Jerger clock, are sadly no longer in production.
As for a talking digital clock, the only one in production is made in Spain, through the blind association there.,
I have a direct contact there in fact the person who designed the clock

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