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Nezhmetdinov and the Hungarians

Been ages since I've been on here but I just had to share.
(and it's not the famous Nezhmetdinov Queen sac game. )

Not one, but two See-Saw combinations that both kick off with a Queen Sacrifice (today is Monday.)

I've been floating on cloud 9 since I discovered these wee hidden gems
that lay buried in a 1948 game waiting for me to bring them to the surface.

If you are a teacher/coach looking for a game to show the class. Here it is.

Good players knowing when to break the rules of thumb.

The Material v Activity argument. Queen winning traps and Queen sacrifices.

Then you hit the See-Saws. One Mates one wins a piece in a very instructive way.

When you show them the See-Saw their eyes will sparkle, their hearts will lift...Don't forget to go Wheeee when See-Sawing with the Rook.

Article also features The Rubik Cube, The Simpsons, Bela Lugossi and a pack of Hunagarian playing cards.

(After the lecture you can teach them how to play poker!)

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