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AGM - Matthew Turner
Can anybody who was at the AGM tell me whether Andy Muir's proposal was carried or not?

I know the main news of the AGM is the anonymous donation to the Scottish Championship fund but I would have expected something on this board or the old board as to whether the proposal was carried or not given the number of posts on the topic before the AGM
Hi Ian,

I wasn't at the AGM but I was wondering the same thing. I could be wrong but I think the minutes/results of votes are circulated to the Council/Office Bearers before being made public. Not sure if the same applies to a post on the noticeboard or an announcement.

A summary of all motions passed/fallen would be useful.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
The general feeling was that Andrew Muir's proposal was badly drafted and that a new membership category was not really required. Andrew's proposal was therefore not adopted. Under any other business the meeting decided to accept my request to change my FIDE code to SCO. At the end of the meeting I made out a cheque for £250 to Chess Scotland to cover FIDE's 250 Euro 'notification fee'. I am very grateful for all the support that I have received and I hope to be playing under the Scotland banner in the near future.
Great! Big Grin

The Council of Elrond has spoken! :U
good to see Matthew now playing under the Scottish flag, the matter of how this affects Olympiad selection is now open to discussion
Thanks and welcome!
Welcome Matthew. As was once said to Andy Goram: "you're not English any more".

(But best not to follow too closely in the footsteps of "the goalie" though... =o )

Was it ever resolved whether or not a transfer fee would be triggered should you get a place (or places... Big Grin ) in the Olympiad team?

As I stated elsewhere, my reading of FIDE's rules is that you qualify for SCO under the citizenship criterion. (I am making the assumption that you are a UK citizen and not resident in Scotland).
It would be funny if Matthew played in our Olympiad team and won against England. It reminds me of looking at the All Blacks rugby team and seeing loads of Scottish names wasting our team. Why oh why did their grandparents have to emigrate!

Welcome to Scotland Matthew. Big Grin
Congratulations Matthew! Welcome to Scotland. =)

On a slightly related point:
I am still somewhat concerned by the criteria for playing in the Olympiad or being Scottish Champion. I believe as a group Chess Scotland needs to reconsider the criteria for this going forward and a serious consultation of the membership is required.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!

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