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AGM - Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner Wrote:If I look at the FIDE website for Transfers
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It would appear that players have to wait either one or two years from the 'transfer date' to play for their new country (fee free). That means that either everybody has had the organisation to transfer immediately on moving to a new country or the two year period is about something more than residency. I assume the latter.

Thanks - I had looked at that part of the website (and didn't see your name Matthew ?!).

I appreciate that it may be thought desirable to have transferees serve a qualification period (to prevent bussing in of "ringers"); also that it may make sense for the qualification period to be the same whether you seek to qualify under a citizenship test or a residency test.

As you say, it would appear in practice that the qualification period is about more than residency - I'm just confused because I can't see that the rules back it up.
Hi All
Just thought I would bring this back into the present to remind everyone why this proposal was made in the first place.

Quote:I propose for the EGM that eligibility for the Scottish Championship should be:

You must be born in Scotland
Your parents must be born in Scotland
All grandparents must be born in Scotland
You must live in a place with a castle
You must live in a place with a rock
You must live in a place beginning with D
Ideally your surname should start Mc or Mac but just M is acceptable.

Does this mean Alex and I can be considered for the team? Tongue

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