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Tournaments in October/November?
Can anyone advise me if there are any tournaments running in October or November of this year(2015)?
I am planning to come over in that period and it would be nice to play in something.
Hi John - Dundee & Angus Congress, 9 - 11 October,, and very popular it is if I may say so!
Thanks Keith!
Will now look at flights around that time.
Hi John,

Long time no see!!!

SNCL will be on the last Sundays of October and November.

Hope to see you, and your wife, there!!

Great to hear from you Glynis!

We are booking flights as I write this. Unfortunately will be departing Scotland before SNCL date. We are renting an apartment (flat) in Broughty Ferry for a couple of weeks and would love to see you and Nan again if that were possible. Anticipate being in Scotland around October 5th through 20th.
Keith, I have just submitted an entry online. Please confirm receipt?
Hi John - receipt confirmed and thanks for your entry. I have also sent a separate confirmation email.

Until October ....
Thank you Keith! Am quite excited about getting back to Scotland again, even if it is only for 2 weeks. wondering if much has changed in the 6 years since last I was there.

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