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Richardson/Spens 2014-15
Richardson Cup

Qtr 1 Cathcart vs Dundee

Qtr 2 Bon Accord vs Edinburgh West

Qtr 3 Glasgow Polytechnic vs Edinburgh

Qtr 4 Hamilton vs Wandering Dragons

Spens Cup

Prelim: Edinburgh Civil Service vs Hamilton

Qtr 1 Troon vs Wandering Dragons

Qtr 2 Glasgow Polytechnic vs Edinburgh Civil Service/Hamilton

Qtr 3 Irvine vs Phones

Qtr 4 Kilmarnock vs Castlehill

Drawn at Dundee & Angus Congress by C. Jim Stearn, visiting from England
As indicated earlier in the thread the Richardson and Spens Cups are to be FIDE rated this season. Can all teams please check that all their players already have a FIDE ID. All Scots with FIDE IDs (both rated and unrated) are listed here

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To request a FIDE ID just submit the player's name and year of birth in an email to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

If any of your players are foreign nationals and do not already have an ID they should contact their home federation to request an ID. We can only create IDs for players who wish to be listed as SCO.

FIDE have repeated today that no event will be rated if any of the players does not possess a valid ID.

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When is this needed - before any matches or at some unspecified time during the event?
The first FIDE submission will be at the end of January and will include Round 1 and any preliminaries from November plus the January quarters. There will be further submissions at end March for the semis, and end April for the finals. So all players who took part in rounds prior to these submission dates should have an ID prior to that set of data being presented to FIDE. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ountry=SCO</a><!-- m -->

Some clubs have already been in contact to register players. It only takes a few moments to add a player to the FIDE database. There are currently over 580 players registered as SCO of whom 315 are rated. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... e&line=asc</a><!-- m -->

The deadline is not that pressing for any player who is happy and eligible to be listed as SCO since even if the player or club has not provided year of birth the ID could still be created with a dummy birth year which could be corrected later.
It is more pressing for clubs who have foreign players who would prefer to be listed with their home country rather than Scotland. These players will have to contact their home federations directly and request an ID is created. If no ID is available at the time of submission then these games will have to be excluded from the rating report.

This same point applies to any FIDE rated event hosted in Scotland eg SNCL, Edinburgh Premier etc that foreign players must register with their home federation unless they are happy to be listed as SCO. To be listed as SCO you must have satisfied the current bloodline or residency requirements. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tional.htm</a><!-- m -->

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