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Richardson/Spens 2014-15
[quote"] It is acceptable to me for upstairs venues e.g. Grangemouth & Edinburgh to continue to host Richardson matches with a proviso that if a team has a disabled player they must inform their opponents 3 weeks in advance and that this board must be played at a separate venue in advance of the match.[/quote]
I accept that some notice should be held provided this does not border into discrimination. The problem I have is that the away team has to disclose who they are playing and what board they are playing which in part gives away potential playing strength of the team. Also what if this is used as part of gamesmanship by the away team who really have no intention of playing the disabled player. Paranoid? maybe I am but I've seen worse over the years
I think we should wait until Ian has had a look at the the venue's rooms. I hadn't thought about fire evacuation, only wheelchair access, but it is an important consideration. I would also have thought that as the venue is used for public activities it would comply with legislation regarding disabled access and emergency situations.

Although the motion for CS guidance says
Quote:3 All chess venues should ideally be accessible to all. Failing that an alternative venue with full supervision for those who cannot access the nominated venue would be acceptable.
I don't think the term 'venue' need mean another building. If Ian finds that there is a suitable ground-floor room/area for wheelchair access (and is suitable for a serious chess game) then there is no reason not to use the first-floor room for the rest of the games. If there is not a suitable ground-floor area then we have to look at another venue, and having searched already, there is a real shortage of suitable and affordable venues in and around Grangemouth, Falkirk and Stirling.

As we are talking here about the Team Finals, three weeks notice isn't, in my opinion, unreasonable given that the organiser might need some time to arrange a separate or additional place. That notice only needs to be given to the organiser, not the other team, so the question of advantage, disadvantage or gamesmanship wouldn't apply.
There was a allegro event in Livingstone around May time which I thought made for an excellent central venue. I imagine it would be ideal for Richardson / Spens finals without any of the obvious drawbacks of Grangemouth. Don't know what it costs though!
Good shout from George. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> was the venue, Dave Congalton probably has a deal as also uses the same chain for Ayr congress. Worth a chat with David G?

There was also free Wi-Fi available at the Livingston Allegro (thinking of live boards). May not be cheap but it certainly ticks a lot of boxes.
Live boards and Allegro are not a good mix...
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
These are the Richardson & Spens entries for 2014-15.
The draw will be made at the Dundee & Angus Congress on Saturday (11th Oct).

Richardson (8 teams):
Bon Accord
Edinburgh West
Glasgow Polytechnic
Wandering Dragons

Spens (7 teams):
Edinburgh Civil Service
Glasgow Polytechnic
Wandering Dragons
Can I remind all captains,

Both events are FIDE rated. This means if you are playing someone who does not have a FIDE identification, we will need the date of birth.

If you are playing someone from another country, They must be registered with their national federation first
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Andy Howie Wrote:Live boards and Allegro are not a good mix...

Hi Andy, I didn't word that well did I... there wasn't live boards or any plans as I understand to have them at the Allegro, I was just stating there were free Wi-Fi at the venue, which created opportunites perhaps for live boards at the Richardson/Spens Finals. I appreciate thats another issue as there is limitations to this and just your goodself clued up this.
Keith, out of interest do you know why the Richardson is 4 entries down from last seasons total of 12. Wondering if it is part of the 'decline' that often gets mentioned? The Spens seems less affected being just 1 entry down on last seasons numbers.
Jonathan - no, is the answer. I know why Castlehill have moved to the Spens (lost a few of their strongest players) and why Oban haven't entered the Richardson (their players are widely distributed geographically). Beyond that, nobody has contacted me to say they aren't taking part because ...

It would interest me as much as you why numbers have declined. So, over to those who haven't entered who might have.

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