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Tromso Olympiad
amuir Wrote:Could players please annotate a game for the magazine by deadline date of 20 September ?

September 15th would be better Smile

I have contacted everyone except for Roddy McKay whose e-mail etc I don't know. Could somebody please give him a little prod?
Poor Clement has to return to university soon whereas I have a strong event lined up in the Tatras followed by FIDE-rated league games and possibly 3 FIDE events on the Czech Tour before New Year.

Perhaps one of the Euro Club Cup guys in Bilbao will join the fun with a great performance?[/quote]

One of the guys being... ummm... Clement Wink

Great to see those performances pushing you both closer... and can't beat a bit of competition Smile
Looking forward to my tenners........
only tenner I know is Pavarotti .... I thank yew Smile Smile Smile Smile
Ian I know 3 lol; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Just one Cornetto... :-

Let's get the Euro Club up on the front page, starts on Sunday.
Alan Tate Wrote:Just one Cornetto... :-

Let's get the Euro Club up on the front page, starts on Sunday.

Looking at Pavarotti I would estimate rather more than one cornetto.
I got a request to subsidise Club Cup from funds too. I got the 1st brochure for the 2016 Olympiad. Flights £430 from London so could be looking at total cost for Baku about £7000. I will have a chat with David C about expected funds over the next 2 years and priorities.

On the junior front, is there funds to send Murad/Kai to World Juniors ? I played in these in the 1970s when there were funds and helped later to get IM title. Surely these guys are our best bets for IM titles and priority for funds should be given to them rather than the 18-35 age group
Flights from Edinburgh to Baku via say Prague or Istanbul are about £320 return, so if ten players and one captain participate costs may be nearer £4K than £7k.
I was going to say that going via Prague would be a much cheaper route than London but Robin beat me to it! Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines are pretty decent.

We still have to consider whether it's a good way to spend a very limited budget. We have about a year anyway in which we ought to look for sponsorship of some kind for our national adult teams.

Somebody sponsoring the flights would enable us to field a stronger team if that's what we wanted.
A benefactor willing to put up money if we offered an Olympiad place to our top u-21 player for example, and/or the reigning Scottish champion might be an idea also but would require discussion and an AGM motion i imagine. Personally speaking, if I reached a level (say 2350) to be in contention for a spot automatically and it was 'given to a junior' I'd be incredibly p-d off!

To question one of Andy's other points, although Murad and Kai have performed fantastically well recently, to speak of them as being the best bets for IM titles is way off the mark at this point. It doesn't mean of course that we shouldn't put them first inline for any funding we have available, but neither should it be a given on the back of possibly unrealistic expectations (notwithstanding what the boys themselves are hoping to do in and out of chess!)

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