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Tromso Reports
Anyone who doesn't have Nalimov Tablebases can use the site which allows easy set up of any 6-piece ending (except 5v1) with immediate results of win or draw. It is in English and there is no registering or downloading required. I had some fun dropping the pieces on different squares to check Alan's R + a and h v R ending.

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Paradoxically (or not given, as Robert Lothian commented, the h-pawn makes no difference in some lines) the winning line involves giving up the h-pawn.

49. ... Rc4+ 50. Kf3 only winning move Kg7 51. Rg5+ only winning move White loses the h-pawn but after White's next move the White rook defends the a-pawn from the side and the Black king is cut-off Kh6 52. Rg4 only winning move Rc3+ 53 Ke4 only winning move Kxh5 54. Rf4 only winning move Kg5 and only now do both 55. Ke5 and 55, Rf5+ win

A very narrow winning path and far from obvious

Edit You can also use <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... abase.html</a><!-- m --> as well as the site Jonathan mentioned
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -of-tromso</a><!-- m -->

Annotation of mcnabs game vs zimbabwe board 1
Cheers for sharing Hamish, really enjoyed that McNab game. There is a real skill to annotation, and its brilliant with this game mainly for the chess comments, but also the funny...

"53. Bf7 McNab, at 53 years, is not the youngest of players, but I nevertheless think it's a bit cheeky for Mandizha to play on in what I can only assume to be hopes of a heart attack."
I liked that game as well cheers. Colin met is match as he also likes to play some weird games.

Can we not get Colin McNab on the forum, challenge to see if anyone can get him rattled!, his endgame technique is amazing, perhaps an endgame section : after Motwani he's got to be the least offensive and non confrontational Scottish Player, I do recall Motwani's subtle put downs: " Yes Alex that's a good suggestion..... but I think in this instance I see there is one combination that leads to a forced mate in 7" :-\
Scottish chess forum in 1 month ahead of chessbase topic shocker:

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