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International Integration Tournament With Disabled Players
International Integration Chess Tournament With Disabled Players “Vilnius Open 2011″

[Image: disabled.png]

International Chess Tournament “Vilnius Open 2011″ will take place from 19 to 27 of November in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the tournament for the first time in Vilnius disabled players (vision, hearing, mobility) will compete for prizes with players without disability rated less than 2300 FIDE ELO. Games will be held in conference rooms throughout the hotel “Panorama”. Chess games on first 6 boards will be broadcasted live online. Тhе prize fund - 12000 litas (more than 3400 EUR); first prize - 2500 litas; 10 main prizes and 10 addition prizes for 5 groups. The tournament is registered with FIDE. (Statistics on 30 october 2011: registered 56 players from 11 countries; average ELO - 1704; youngest player -12 years old; oldest - 80 years old)
Official web site:
[Image: vilnus-open-2011-logo.png]

About tournament:
Three Scottish players in this one so far.
Good luck to the three players involved
Best wishes to Neil, Gary and David in this event.
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Well, our three intrepid competitors trooped off this afternoon after the usual anti-ryanair weigh in at Robin's flat in Prestwick. You would have thought that two engineers (Robin and Gary) would have realised that you can't weigh cases on scales sitting on a soft carpet......wrong! Duuh, we have cracked it now though, so off they go with their £40 return to Riga tickets, followed by 4 hours in a rather nice, modern bus to Vilnius. You will have noted that these three competitors have graduated with an honours degree from the Moore school of economics. I hope they may do quite well, it should be an interesting additional guide to Fide strength throughout Europe/World events. I think that the smaller the country and pool of players, the less accurate their Fide grade is, especially at lower levels. Their seems to be different standards in larger populated country pools, but we always compare favourably with them. Spain and Italy seem most overrated, the Eastern European/former Warsaw pact nations are pretty accurate, countries like us are underrated. Dougie Bryson highlighted that improving players that are willing to travel (albeit mostly just over Hadrians wall) may very slightly skew the overall grading results and that seems fair comment, but the numbers involved are unlikely to have a significant effect on the overall picture.
I know 4 of the participants through my involvement with the IBCA.
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Neil just missed the live boards in round 7 and David's just missed them in round 8. Sad Wins for both in round 8 though could mean both are live in round 9. Neil looks the safer bet but I wouldn't bet against David upsetting his 2000+ opponent.
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Well, the Vilnius three all finished with 5 points. Neil was 21st, David 24th and Gary last.. oops, sorry 26th. David had a 2000+ tournament performance which was terrific after a tough start. I can imagine how hard all were trying in the last round not to be carrying the bags on the way home.

The Second International Chess Tournament “Vilnius Open 2012” and the First Open Lithuanian Chess Amateur Championship will be held from 1 – 9 December 2012, in “GREEN Vilnius Hotel”, Pilaitės St. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lithuanian and foreign chess players – including persons with disability are invited to participate in an open chess tournament. The tournament is open for chess players with disabilities (vision, hearing, mobility) without any restrictions and for chess players without disability rated less than 2000 ELO FIDE rating list on 1 January 2012 and not having FIDE titles of GM (Grandmaster), IM (International Master) or FM (FIDE Master).

Individual chess tournament will be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess in Swiss system of 9 rounds, with time control of 90 minutes for the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. The tournament is registered by FIDE.

The total prize fund of the tournament is 12000 litas (LTL) (1 euro = 3,45 LTL) ....

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