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Scottish Blitz 2014 Videos
Hi all,

The first video has been uploaded... view here:

Further rounds to be processed throughout the weekend - enjoy! Feedback welcomed. Smile

I note a report on Chessbase today about Sadler winning some quickplay in England. It would be good if we had another covering the Scottish Blitz especially given it was a stronger event!
You can catch all the videos here:

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It goes from newest (this year) to oldest.

Jonny has somehow added 2D boards to follow the position in the games (he's a genius). It has taken a while (great effort Jonny!) but I am sure they are worth it... hope you enjoy.

Big thanks again to our sponsors Walkers Shortbread, Concept Group and Quality Chess.
:-bd Good effort guys - 2d boards really helps - Looking forward to playing threw them all
Alex, threw?
Andy McCulloch Wrote:Alex, threw?
It was late! - noticed it later couldn't edit it. :-l

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