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Recommendation for club website hosting
I did look into GoDaddy and your own site Alex, they seem a good middle level host service and their costings and more than competitive. Can't help but be a little put off them though with their controversial owner shooting jungle animals, but not ready to choose a proper paid host yet anyhow given the costs.

Our club has no budget for this at present. I reg'd the for 2 years at £8 which gives us a stable address at least and is cost effective for the time being along with a free host. Some other clubs have obtained funding for various investments, including website costs so thats the plan, £100 of funding would pay for 3 years of good hosting.

For info, the new free host I'm using is <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> appears to be good so far, but then so did the last free web host! Time will tell.

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