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Council meeting
David Deary Wrote:The eagle eyed amongst you who checked the proposed budgets will have no doubt noticed there is no big increase in income from junior grading. How can this be? For a while now there has been a discussion relating to what’s in it for junior organisations to affiliate to Chess Scotland. Well, for a long time junior games played by those aged 14 and under have not paid for grading, this is a service provided by Chess Scotland at no cost to the junior organisers.

The proposal as I now understand it, although admittedly it may not be very clear is that these proposed fees would be waived for junior organisations that affiliated to Chess Scotland at an annual cost of £40. I believe Lothian Junior Chess are already affiliated to Chess Scotland and thus these proposed fees would not impact them.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion on this thread, I am happy to answer any queries and ready to be corrected by one of the other Directors/Council Members if I have misunderstood the proposal.

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