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NEJCA + SJC CFK Results Stonehaven February 1st
Results of NEJCA + SJC Chess for Kicks (CFK) event Saturday February 1st 2014 at Stonehaven Town Hall
Qualifying event

1st Jakub Gryla (Laurencekirk 7/7

2nd Collin Campbell (Albyn) 5.5/7
3rd Pranav Maganti (Robert Gordon's College) 5/7
3rd=( medal) Fadia Bedawi (Albyn) 5/7

1st Rafal Wilowski (Banchory) 5.5/6

2nd Thomas Roulson (Albyn School) 4/6
3rd Oishani Dutta (Bromhill) 4/6
4th Keith Murray (Laurencekirk) 4/6
(order of 2nd to 4th decided by play-off)

1st Matthew Nelson (Laurencekirk) 4/6

2nd Anoop Babu (Aberdeen Grammar) 4/6
3rd Clarence Wei (Lathallan School) 3/6
(he defeated all others on 3/6)
4th = Nicholas Winter (Lathallan School) 3/6
Fraser Nelson (Laurencekirk) 3/6
Atharva Dabholkar (Robert Gordons) 3/6
All the above players qualify for the SJC Chess for Kicks final (Saturday June 1st, venue to be confirmed)

Junior/Adult Allegro
1st Calum MacQueen (Edinburgh) 5/5

2nd David Grant (Stonehaven) 4/5
3rd Graham McKay (Stonehaven) 3.5/5

Best Junior Prizes
Leonardo Sani (Castlehill) 3.5/5
Nicholas Straw (Banchory Academy/Newmachar) 3.5/5

As usual, full results and photos at
Gerald Lobley

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