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Continuation of AGM - motion 1.2
David G Congalton Wrote:
Steve Hilton Wrote:
Quote:I would suggest the following,
Allow me to play in the Ayr tournament by using skype from my home. Then you would have valuable experience and information in regards to aims of this motion, which I repeat is a good one but there should have been more consultation that's all

Steve, normally I am open to experimenting and trying new things at events I organise but as there is a motion to put together a working party I am reluctant to go ahead and do my own thing at the January event before the working party has had a chance to consider things. For the January event there is also the question of resources at the congress venue.

To get back to the topic, if the motion is passed, I would be happy to experiment with this at an event later in the year, once a working party has had a chance to consider the subject and make recommendations on how such remote particpation would work within any rules that would need to be set.

I would think that any working party would need a variety of people who had the skills and knowledge to come up with a workable system.

It really is an interesting concept. I am certainly interested with trying to work out how to implement this
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

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