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Since the total time allowance for the whole game is greater than 14 minutes 59 seconds for each player, Law 10.2 (the two-minute draw claim rule) applies - and therefore so does the advice contained in the CS Rulebook for situations where no arbiter is present: a claim by either player in his/her final two minutes ends the game, and the tournament arbiter should be asked to give a decision. The tournament arbiter is either the tournament director (if he/she is a qualified arbiter) or a qualified arbiter appointed by the tournament director.

During the ten years or so when I was the tournament director/arbiter for the MacIsaac and Nancy Elder, I never once had to give a decision under Law 10.2 - that may give an indication that there is not a big problem here, though it is possible that with a much faster time control there may be more draw claims.

It makes no difference if you say "quickplay" or "rapid play" - Law 10.2 applies in exactly the same way.

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