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Chess Scotland Event/ PVG
Ianbrownlee Wrote:What terms of reference? Disclosure Scotland cannot be suggesting that a Coach or Chaperone does not need some sort of clearance or are you speaking about arbiters?

HI Andy

DS are saying you do not require it per se. The organisation (e.g Chess Scotland) can ask you if you have PVG and ask for their details and CS can then decide if they are going to use you, but there is no legal requirement for you to have PVG. Chess Scotland can implement a policy of using only their arbiters and also to use arbiters etc which they have registered but that is a policy not a legal requirement PVG is only a statement whether you had a criminal conviction etc on the day it is issued. Its only other function is to update all organisations which have registered the holder as part of their policies/requirements
It is not a legal requirement although it can be argued ( I think) as part of due diligence on the part of the organisation. I can see the attraction of implementing such a policy especially to parents etc but it is not a shield against liability
I've got to say having looked into all this I find the article in Chess Scotland misleading ans]d as such I think this should be thoroughly discussed at the next council meeting asap. Chess Scotland have its policies and I completely respect that., It's the bit about tournaments outside Chess Scotland and non-chess Scotland arbiters that I find the article misleading

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